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Kulture Designed Co.

Electric Rechargeable Lighter

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  • USB Rechargeable- Ever lost a lighter before? I bet you have before! While losing an electric lighter is much less likely to happen, it also lasts way longer than traditional lighters because, of course, you can recharge it. Compared to adding fuel versus plugging in a cord and going to bed, it’s obvious that this product is longer lasting and more environmentally friendly.
  • VERY Easy to USE- Simply push up the safety switch and press down the power button, and you are good to go. The push-and-press design is an award-winning feature that adds extra protection to the user and much more convenient to operate than the flint-stone lighters (those sometimes even hurt your thumbs).
  • Excellent Material- The contacts on the head uses premium-grade alumina ceramic, which is more durable and high temperature resistant. The case is made of aluminum alloy so that it can quickly dissipate heat after using.