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Where to Spray Perfume?

MAR 30, 2020 | 6 MIN READ

Where to Spray Perfume

From cologne to parfum to eau de toilette, we all want our fragrance to make a statement for us. For long-lasting fragrance that can carry you throughout the day, where you spray your scent definitely makes a difference. Pulse points, including behind the ear, at the base of the throat and on the wrists, are regarded as being among the best places to spray perfume.

Whether you opt for a subtle, floral perfume or an intoxicating, spicy fragrance, check out these tips on the best places to spray perfume that go beyond pulse points and into more unconventional areas, including in your hair.

Pulse Points

Everyone knows the tried-and-true adage that spraying perfume on your pulse points makes it last longer. These spots emanate heat, which helps your fragrance release into the air. These five spots are all among the warmest spots on your body. For the best fragrance experience, hold the bottle anywhere from three to six inches away. Be careful to not overspray, as two to four sprays are often enough.

Pulse Points

Behind the Ear

Give a direct spritz on the pulse point behind your ear to keep your fragrance fresh around your face all day.  If the top of your ears are a bit oily, spray a little perfume there, too. Oil helps trap fragrance, and will keep the scent around your head for hours.

At the Base of the Throat

A very popular area to spray perfume, the base of your throat is a great place to ensure your fragrance gracefully wafts toward your face all day. Spray the hollow at the base of your neck to trap the fragrance on a pulse point that will keep the scent gently emanating.

Behind the Knees

Applying this may be tricky, but if your legs are exposed it will pay off. The back of your knees are a pulse point, so on days you opt for a dress this will help waft your fragrance around your lower half. To trap your fragrance even more, apply the fragrance right after lotioning your legs post-shower.

On the Wrists

Perhaps the most popular place to spritz your perfume, your wrists can help trap your scent. Simply give a direct spray to either wrist (don’t rub them together—this breaks the fragrance molecules down!) and let the perfume dry down for a fragrance experience you’ll be able to smell all day.

On the Wrists

Inside the Inner Elbow

On warmer days when your arms are exposed, this is a great place to ensure your fragrance lasts. Simply spray your perfume inside the crook of your arm, but be careful not to bend your arm until the perfume has dried down to avoid breaking down the scent.

Unconventional Areas to Spray Perfume

To give your perfume a moment to shine, as well as lasting longevity, consider giving a spritz to a more unconventional area of your body. To quote Marilyn Monroe, you should “wear perfume anywhere you want to be kissed!”

From your head to your toes, read on to find new, unique places to spray your fragrance the next time you’re getting ready.

Unconventional Areas to Spray Perfume

In the Hair

Spraying perfume in your hair is an often overlooked spot that can guarantee major scent longevity. However, be cautious of the alcohol content of your favorite perfume. Covering your tresses with high alcohol perfume could damage and dry them out. If you’re prone to dry hair but want scented locks, try spraying your favorite fragrance onto your hairbrush or comb for a similar effect. If you want to spray directly onto your hair, avoid perfumes with high alcohol and ethyl content, including many eau de parfums.

On the Chest

If your outfit reveals your chest, take advantage of the exposed skin by spraying a light spritz of your favorite fragrance. This doesn’t have the same longevity as a well-aimed spray on your wrists, but will still give off a subtle, sexy sheen of fragrance.

On the Torso

Just like your chest, take advantage of any midriff exposure by giving a quick spray before you run out the door. This could help you smell great through anything a night out will throw at you — especially if you plan on tearing up the dance floor.

3 Places to Avoid Spraying Perfume

As much as you want to smell like your favorite fragrance all over, there are some places where it’s actually harmful to spray your perfume. Read on to learn where you should avoid spraying perfume altogether, as it could do more harm than good.

Places to Avoid Spraying Perfume

Near Your Eyes

To avoid irritation, steer clear of spraying perfume anywhere near your eyes. Perfumes that contain alcohol and ethyl could do serious damage when they come into contact with highly sensitive areas.

In Your Armpits

Though you want to spray fragrance onto high-heat areas, you should rethink spraying perfume into your armpits. Combining sweat glands with high-alcohol fragrances could result in serious irritation — anyone who has applied scented deodorant to freshly shaved armpits knows the incredibly uncomfortable itching and burning of irritation.

Around Your Genitals

Steer clear of private areas the next time you’re applying your go-to perfume. This could lead to burning, itching and other irritation you definitely won’t want to experience down there.

5 Tips for Making Perfume Last Longer

Perfume is an investment, and no one wants their investment to fade away after only a few hours. Learn some insider tips on the best places to spray perfume to ensure your perfume lasts a long time, and that you smell like your favorite fragrance from sun-up to sun down.

Apply Lotion Before Spraying

To get more wear out of your perfume, apply a thin layer of unscented lotion or petroleum jelly to the application area first. The oiliness helps trap in scent for longer, giving even more shelf life to your favorite fragrance.

Spray, Don’t Rub

As tempting as it can be to spray perfume on one wrist and rub it onto the other, this actually breaks down fragrance faster. To ensure your hard-earned scents are lasting as long as they should, carefully spray directly onto one oiled wrist, then the other.

Spray, Don’t Rub

Don’t Mist

We’ve all seen it in movies or shows: a fashionable woman sprays her perfume in a cloud, then gracefully waltzes through it before heading out the door. As glam as this seems, it actually does nothing to retain your fragrance. To smell as fancy as this appears, directly spray your perfume onto your skin (preferably pulse points!).

Consider Your Environment

If you keep scents in the bathroom to complete your morning routine, you might actually be doing harm to your precious perfumes. Humidity, heat and light can all break down the intensity and quality of your fragrance, meaning you should avoid keeping your perfumes on windowsills or bathrooms. Instead, store fragrances in cool, dry, dark places: like on a vanity, dresser or in a closet.

Consider Your Environment

Use Matching Scents

If your perfume comes in a matching set or has similarly scented lotions, body washes or creams, think about investing in those matching scents. Having these cohesive sets will help carry your perfume and assist your scent in lasting long throughout the day.

No matter which perfume or cologne you own, you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of it before it expires. Now that you know all there is to know about where to spray perfume, your favorite fragrances will stay with you for hours, regardless of what you’re up to!

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